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Wall of student drawn images depicting their individual podcast subject

Teens' Mental Health Importance

Teens' mental health is being affected all over the world right now.  The reason why people aren’t taking teens' mental health seriously is that they’re concerns aren't real since they’re still “young”.  The call for change is to encourage people throughout our communities to improve the teen mental health industry and restore teens to a better place mentally! - Ashley A.

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headphones with student drawn images depicting subject of podcast

I chose this topic because I really believe that school field trips are one of the best experiences you can have throughout school and I think they should be cherished by everyone. During the creation of my script I discovered how much field trips impact grades. And I think that it doesn't really matter who you are or where you came from, we can all agree school field trips are hands down some of the most memorable and fun times you can have throughout your education. - Teigan R.

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headphones with student drawn images depicting subject of podcast

Mental health is one of the most important parts of a teen's life while going through middle school and high school, and some need your help. A lot of these teens are undergoing a low point in their mental health, whether it be from abuse from school or home, anxiety or stress from doing or catching up on work, or a depression that they’ve had. If we don’t step in, it may only get worse, and who knows what may end up happening. What we need is more therapy and counseling, a more laid back experience for those in need, and a helping hand every once in a while. Probably the biggest thing you can do to help is simply talking with someone who may be experiencing this low point. This mental health issue is not invisible, and you can help reduce it! - Owen M.

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headphones with student drawn images depicting subject of podcast

Humanity needs to start opening their eyes to Global warming. Global warming is worsening by the second, from the moment we turn on a light to switch to driving to work in our cars. Yes, many do ask why this situation involves them and the atmosphere around us. This is dangerous, not only for humanity but to all living things in general. In the 1880s, burning fossil fuel began it’s rage among humanity, and continues to do so today. Global warming is causing these extreme heat waves, such loss of water, and the cutting of trees that is affecting the air we breathe. Let’s find alternative energy sources that are convenient to our environment. One is to save light,  another is to recycle more, or bike/walk instead of using your car. This helps clean our polluted air and save animals from extinction. There are many ways to save our planet and make it more safe for humanity. Global warming isn’t a conqueror to kneel down to but to rise against. - April S.

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17 Declining Math Problem

Math in the US is declining, and countries such as China and Russia are not only sending students here to learn math in college, but those students are leaving the country with those math skills. Our own people are not going to college and instead, people from other countries are. Without proper math skills we will suffer as a country, and we will no longer be a superpower if our math programs continue to go downhill at the rate they are going. We must institute higher and harder math programs back into schools, and put our own people's education before that of another country. - Audrey S.

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Podcast art for 04.1 Sexist Dress Codes

All around the world girls (mostly) are being forced to cover their bodies, and limit creativity due to dress codes. It makes girls feel insecure about their bodies, and start to think that it is their job to cover their bodies because it's distracting. This makes young girls start to think that their bodies are something to be ashamed of. My call for change is that we start teaching students and teachers not to sexualize women's bodies through antiquated dress code requirements and celebrate a more open-minded approach to dressing for school. - Maddie P.

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