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Electives & Student Clubs

Core Academic Courses

Advisory / Flex

Students receive 2 days each of Advisory and Flex during the week. (There is no Advisory / Flex period on Wednesdays.)

Advisory is where students learn and gain social-emotional skills, social skills, navigating challenges, healthy choices, self-advocacy, and more.

Flex time is for students to organize and complete assignments, or meet with teachers for additional support. Flex time can also be used to make up tests missed in classroom subjects or P.E., with prior teacher approval.


Math 6, 7 and 8 are core math classes for their respective grade levels. Most students are placed in these classes.

Accelerated Math 7 is for 7th grade students who meet certain requirements in state testing and grades, in addition to teacher recommendations. 

Math 1 is for 8th grade students who have successfully completed Accelerated Math 7 with certain grade and testing requirements. This course offers high school credit in math.


6th grade Social Studies teaches about Ancient Civilizations.

7th grade focuses on World History and Geography, as well as Medieval and Early Modern Times.

8th grade covers United States History and Geography.

English Language Arts


Physical Education

Elective Courses

Student Clubs

Student Clubs

Student clubs meet either during milk break, lunch or after school. They are based on student interest and require a teacher to run and supervise the program. Students interested in starting up a new club should speak with their teachers or counselor.

Chess Club

Chess club meets Wednesdays after school and is open to students of all levels. 

Disc Golf

Disc golf meets Wednesdays during 7th and 8th grade lunch. Students are welcome to play disc golf, or enjoy their lunch under the redwood trees.

One Life Club

Our One Life club meets weekly during milk break and is open to all. Students lead each other in discussions to help spread a positive vibe throughout school.

Drama Club

Drama club is an extension of our Musical Theatre class and meets weekly after school. Students who would like to participate in the school musical production in the spring, but who are not enrolled in Musical Theatre as an elective, are encouraged to join the drama club! As the production dates approach, meetings change from weekly to daily. They also try to go to at least one weekend student theatre performance in the community. Drama club is open to all students!